39 days to go: Olympic countdown in Greenwich and Blackheath

The first set of Olympic flags have appeared on Blackheath. These are on the route spectators are meant to take from Blackheath station to Greenwich Park.

Notice the new “heritage” lamp posts on the heath? I wasn’t a fan when they first went in, although now some work’s been done to the path they seem to make a bit of sense. Just on the right, you can see where a footbridge over Shooters Hill Road is being built.

This sign will proclaim the Olympic Route Network soon.

Bit by bit, the builders are taking over Greenwich Park…

…including the closure of The Avenue. Incidentally, here’s the sort of fat-faced pillock who makes it so easy for people to ban bikes in parks, here caught on a narrow footpath down the side of the park on Sunday just after hitting a mum’s pram. Does anyone know this tool?

Ah, here’s what it’s all about. Looking impressive.

Ah, here’s an Olympic legacy. More heritage lamp posts – this time on Crooms Hill, down the side of the park. Probably to shut the neighbours up. Where’s our fancy lamp posts, then?

Finally, a footbridge is going up over Romney Road. This resulted in the road being shut overnight, with most buses diverted well away from Greenwich. There’ll be another closure next Sunday at 8pm, until 5am on Monday morning, to get the job done.


  1. There are definitely going to be some amazing backdrops to events in this Games. We may not have a stadium as spectacular as the ‘Birds Nest’ but we’re going to make up for that with the scenery.

    Now, just need that jetstream to move north like it should have done a few months back, so we can have our sunshine. On my command, everyone look up and blow….

  2. As much as I dislike being forced to fund the Olympics out of my taxes, the back drop for the horesy stuff will be amazing on TV. You can see why they selected the venue.

  3. Quite right to castigate the fool on the bike.

    I’ve often backed cyclists on these pages, despite being a motorist most of the time and pedestrian some of the time.

    But it’s inconsiderate idiots like him who make it tough for the pro-cyclist campaigner. If he was not at fault in this incident, why is he trying to shield his face from the camera?

    I’ve always said Greenwich Park will look magnificent for the Olympics. It had horses dashing around it in the first place and I trust LOCOG to put it right afterwards and not build yuppie flats on it.

  4. That’s not very nice/fair. You’ve only heard her side of the story.

  5. He rode his bike into a pram: not much opportunity to put a positive spin on that, I’d have thought.

    I walked down that path yesterday and was a bit surprised at how thin it now is. I can’t believe someone would try and ride their bike down there, and I’m a cyclist. It’s inconsiderate people like him that give all cyclists a bad reputation.

  6. ah, now I know why Plod took a dim view of my cycling/puffing at 1/4mph up a hill on a non cycle lane, when the only cycle lane was shut. For the record, I was the only person on the wide path up the park on a very rainy weekday and I always get off and push my bike if there are people on the path. Stupid bloke makes it harder for less idiotic cyclists. I sense that the Park would love to ban cyclists altogether and would be very upset if that happened.
    But it is awfully hard being a cyclist in Greenwich at the moment despite them encouraging us to cycle more.

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