Want more cycle parking in Greenwich borough?

Word reaches me that Greenwich Council is scratching its head and looking for places to stick more cycle parking racks. Now, it could have asked the public directly, but instead it asked the London Cycling Campaign, which has, in turn, asked Greenwich Cyclists.

But this reluctance to talk openly doesn’t mean you can’t suggest somewhere – the LCC has a fantastic website, cycleparking4london.org.uk, where you can suggest places across the capital which need somewhere to tie a bike to. Greenwich is watching the map, so if you’ve got an idea, stick it on there.

PS. As a follow-up to last week’s post about the Greenwich Go Dutch mystery, “Greener Greenwich” cabinet member Harry Singh told last week’s council meeting that the mayor’s office had not been in touch with Greenwich Council about the supposed plans (see Q3), nor had Greenwich Council bothered to ask City Hall, but would now be in touch to ask about “the cycle lane” [sic].

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