Greenwich gets set for death by motor car

“Did you read about the new supermarket planned for the development in Creek Road?”

“Yes, 150-space car park – how are they going to fit all that in? The traffic can’t move as it is.”

“Ah, but it’s a Waitrose.”

“Oh… that’s alright, then.”


  1. If we restructured the road layout around the Market to remove the excessive number of traffic lights/junctions/bottlenecks, then we could not only free up traffic flow, thereby allowing bus services to pass quickly through the area, but also create two pedestrianised streets between the Market and the ORNC! Win-Win!

    Oh wait, lots of people were against that……Eternal gridlock it is!

  2. Humm, oddly enough wasn’t Sainsbury’s fulfilling that role when they were moving in. Punters will go with either their stomach (quality), their wallet or simply their feet (proximity). I think there’s plenty of scope for existing ‘local’ shops either way.

  3. I think you’ll find that the nearest Waitrose to Greenwich is at Canary Wharf. 3 hours free parking there at the weekend.

  4. It’s funny that any picture/photo of any development on or near Deptford Creek always shows it when the tide is in….

  5. Is that new development painted all white, and with a beach?

  6. Amazingly most supermarket shopping can be done without a car. Maybe seeing more gridlocked roads might persuade some people of the benefits or cycling or walking to the shops.

  7. @John,

    It only costs a few pounds to get the big stores to deliver to your kitchen at a time of your choosing. No driving, no traffic queues, no looking for a place to park, no wandering around busy aisles, no waiting at checkout queues, no lugging of multiple shopping bags…

    Why spend precious time off going to the shops at all?

  8. Nelson

    If people wanted to shop that way , supermarkets would not build more outlets

  9. Give grocery internet shopping a little more time. It’s still early days and I don’t think anybody has it right just yet.

    12 years ago people like Waterstone’s (sorry, Waterstones) were still opening the largest bookshops in the world and the internet was not perceived as a threat. Look where they are now, in danger of bankruptcy last year and closing stores ever since.

    Developments like this and Tesco in Woolwich may well be the white elephants of tomorrow.

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