Greenwich Council app moves Woolwich Dockyard to Eltham

Long-time readers of this website will be familiar with Greenwich Council’s shonky Destination Greenwich app, which, instead of helping promote local digital businesses, it paid a company in Belarus called CactusSoft to create. A year and a half ago, it’d cost the council £10 per download. Designed to promote the borough’s tourist treasures, it was notable for only featuring one location outside SE10, places for which information is already readily available.

Well, just in time for the Olympics, it’s been updated. And it’s full of howlers – the best of which is moving Woolwich Dockyard to a spot just off the A2 in Eltham. Clearly nobody in the council’s communications bunker bothered to proof-read it before it went live. See if you can spot the reference to an Olympic venue called the “Royal Artillery Barracs” by searching for “Greenwich”, not “Destination Greenwich”, in the iTunes App Store.

And if you want to see how it’s really done, take a look at Visit Stratford – a classy production for a very unpromising part of town.


  1. I don’t know, you people want it all don’t you, maps with things in the right place – what is our job here? I think it’s to confuse tourists . . .

    but I’m even more bemusws that if there’s a ‘classy production’ for stratford it might be even more surprising for tourists when they get there


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