Meet Greenwich’s happiest Olympic campers

The Dutch campsite on Greenwich Peninsula might not have materialised – with the tents exiled to the outer reaches of Walthamstow – but that hasn’t put off one thrifty set of campers from staying in Greenwich.

Every day for the past week, I’ve cycled past this campervan parked up on the edge of Greenwich Millennium Village, next to the site Oranjecamping abandoned. Every day, it’s in a different spot to dodge the wardens. There’s a French family inside, presumably fans of the gymnastics going on up the road. I haven’t spoken to them yet, but if I see them again I’ll stop and say hello. I hope the wardens leave them alone – dedication like this deserves a reward.

If anyone else knows of any visitors making unconventional arrangements to stay in this area for the Games, I’d love to hear about them…

Close by is the Peninsula Festival site, locked and shut but with some work going on in another part of the land. The Greenwich Council banners are a reminder of the £50,000 given to the venture. It’s due to reopen to the public on Monday, but will it even be ready for the Eastern Electrics festival – with thousands due – on Saturday? That said, it’s looking for presenters for a one-day event next Thursday (how thoughtful to mark my birthday this way!) so if you fancy your chances, go for it!


  1. I’m amazed they have been able to completely dodge the squad of 5 Olympic Traffic Enforcement officers (complete with specially printed hi-vis clothing) ‘defending’ what’s only about 40 parking spaces on the peninsula around GMV. I saw one sat on the kerb next to my car for 15 minutes just hoping i’d overstay the 2 hour limit.

    They are demonstrating admirably that it’s quite possible to live in a caravan without littering, discarding gas bottles in the middle of the road, tying rabid dogs to trees or allowing pre-school children to play in the Thames. The travellers that periodically pitch up in the same area should take note.

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