One year on – what have we learned?

Twelve months ago, almost to the minute this post was written and published, I was sat on my front doorstep, with a bottle of beer in my hand, watching looters race their cars up my road.

A year on, I spent my evening watching the Olympics on a big screen on Blackheath with a beer on my hand. Children ran around, a dog barked, everyone was happy.

I suppose I should have watched it in Woolwich for things to have gone full circle, but the heath’s much nearer…

“I passed through Woolwich last night, it was the same as ever” – 8 August 2011
“There’s been a lot of bullshit and rumours tonight…” – 9 August 2011
Woolwich sweeps up, Greenwich locks down – 9 August 2011
“Despite the rumours, Greenwich remained packed with tourists” –, 9 August 2011
“The debris from a night’s thieving was still obvious” – Charlton Champion, 9 August 2011
“They blame the social media, but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the social media” – 10 August 2011
Government minister sees Woolwich’s clean-up – 11 August 2011
How a lie about a fire fooled the Guardian – 12 August 2011
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The forgotten town starts again – 15 August 2011
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Boris Johnson finally visits Woolwich – 23 August 2011
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Woolwich wall – now Greenwich Council mounts a cover-up – 30 August 2011
What if you threw a riot and nobody saw? – Snipe, 13 September 2011
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Woolwich riot: The report Greenwich Council tried to hide – 9 March 2012

Since then, the Great Harry’s reopened and the new Tesco development has started to loom over Woolwich. But have any lessons been learned? Or are we just trying to brush a horrible memory under the carpet? I wonder.