Is Greenwich Park open again? Here’s how to find out…

If, like me, you don’t know your Vanburgh Park Gate from your Maze Hill Gate, then Niall has created this rather nifty map to guide people through the park’s delayed reopening.

He also adds: “The observatory has reopened (but looks very busy if you were thinking of visiting). The viewpoint is not yet open as the pylon for the high-wire camera is still there. You can also now cross the park from Crooms Hill Gate to Vanburgh Gate (on Maze Hill). Most of the south of the park including the Flower Garden is now accessible.”


  1. The Maze Hill Gate was opened yesterday, but you can only turn left towards the flower garden and bandstand.

  2. We were also told last night – by security guards near the Plume of Feathers (Park Row gate?) that the park was only open 930am – 530pm (it was around 630pm when we went past) although there were still families using the playground.

    Heaven forbid anyone wants to walk through the park from Greenwich up towards Blackheath.

  3. “Heaven forbid anyone wants to walk through the park from Greenwich up towards Blackheath.”

    Indeed. Horrific times. The Olympic Games finished a three whole days ago now so it’s ridiculous that they haven’t cleared all the structures away and opened up the Park by now.

    So angry.

  4. I went for a walk yesterday through the flower garden and round the pond – not many ducks to be seen, by the way – were they moved or have they just taken their custom elsewhere? Like much of the area has been over the past couple of weeks it was uncannily quiet. The grass is in wonderful lush green condition, although whether this is as a result of the weather or the lack of park visitors this summer I wouldn’t like to say.

    Made me realise how much I’d missed the Park.

  5. In some respects LOCOG have been saved by the awful weather. I certainly havent really missed the park all that much as its been so wet.

  6. Can somebody confirm the park opening times please? I haven’t seen any mention that these would be changed (it’s usually 6am – 9pm at this time of year). 9.30am – 5.30pm would mean it’s still effectively closed for me 🙁

  7. NLE – my argument is that why can’t people use the park even with all the demolition of the stands going on? I appreciate that some of the fields will still be out of use until after the paralympics but letting people walk inside the park up, say Crooms Hill or Maze Hill, can’t be out of the question can it?

  8. While we’re on the subject of the good bits we want to keep (Richard’s comment about the bridges) can we keep the new exit from Greenwich station into Straightsmouth please.

  9. John – They’re dismantling the stands? How will we watch the Paralympics? I suspect they are still up…

    Can we also keep the wind in the willows jump?

  10. I hope they remove the ugly and unnecessary bridges over the A2. The heavy pedestrian traffic will disappear when all the olympics have finished

    We have a perfectly adequate pelican crossing , working well for us over many years now.

  11. A small correction to Niall’s map, you’re not allowed on Bower Avenue.

  12. Update:
    Greenwich Park access: One Tree Hill, all eastern side open.
    Slowly, slowly we’re getting our park back. Most of the eastern side is now open, and you can walk from the playground to the Flower Garden inside the park.
    There’s still no access to the north/western side, so from central Greenwich you still have to walk most of the way up Croom’s Hill before you can get in.

  13. It’s now 19 September and the Park Row gate, boating pond and field between the playground and One Tree Hill – which had a promised (delayed) reopening date of 14 September – remain closed. The concession stands at the bottom of One Tree Hill have been gone for a week now, but very few signs of any work being done to remove the boundary fencing and let us back into this part of the Park.

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