Roll up! It’s Boris Johnson’s Deptford Bridge cycle challenge!

This video, from Lewisham Cyclists, was doing the rounds a couple of weeks back, but perhaps it needs a bit of post-Olympics attention. Would you want to ride a bike along here? Turn the sound up for the commentary.

This is the junction of Greenwich High Road, Deptford Bridge, Deals Gateway and Blackheath Road, right on the border between Deptford and Greenwich. This is what cyclists who leave the housing at Deals Gateway are expected to deal with – being left stuck in a box junction in the middle of the A2.

It’s the ideal spot for politicians to sit on their backsides and do nothing – it sits just off the border of Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs, and the A2 that cuts across this junction is the responsibility of Transport for London. But London Assembly members Darren Johnson (who’s also a local councillor) and Len Duvall have both put this to Boris Johnson – and so far, have had no joy.

I’ve done a piece for Snipe about whether the mayor can keep his promises on making the capital safer for cyclists. If an obviously dangerous junction like this can’t get sorted out – and it’s not on TfL’s list – then you do have to wonder if the mayor’s simply taking trusting campaigners for a ride.


  1. Roll up? In the TfL (Traffic flow London) lottery, it’s more of a Roll Over.

  2. Looks pretty awful. Doubt the roads were built under Boris\’ tenure. Why did Ken not do anything about it? Why did Maggie not? Can\’t we blame Churchill? Ridiculous to politicise it.

  3. Junction built under Ken’s tenure, but changed to the current arrangement under Boris’s watch.

    But, you know, let’s not hold anyone to account or ask any troubling questions – look, a cable car!

  4. I recently got a fine through the post for stopping in that box – the photos show my back wheels were about a centimetere over the edge of the box for a total of 10 seconds. I’m in the process of appealing it but I put in an FOI request and it seems TfL make about £80 per day in fines from that box alone.
    Two points: 1. there is a camera with a person from TfL monitoring that junction so they must know how dangerous it is. 2. The revenue it generates could surely pay for it to be upgraded.

  5. How is it politicised to ask if the Mayor of London might pull his finger out and safeguard citizens?! Good grief.

    Junction looks awful but the driving in the video is worse. Vile and ignorant.

  6. That is outrageous. Box junction or not those cars are turning right, they are crossing a lane, they can SEE the cyclist, they should give way. Awful, awful driving.

    I would go absolutely mental if that was me on the bike.

  7. If TfL really want to make some wedge from the junction how about fines for the cretins who nearly ran the cyclist over? It’s there on video for God’s sake!

  8. I’d like to get the person who re-designed that junction to get on a bike and show us what a cyclist is supposed to do there.

  9. The cyclist is supposed to do what a car would do in that circumstance, that is, go when it’s their turn, the problem is those arsehole cars not letting the cyclist do that. I suspect the problem is more with drivers than the junction… so much for treating a cyclist like a small car. None of those people would pass their driving test if they did that.

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