Can you help fix Greenwich Peninsula’s dangerous road junction?

It’s an ugly junction on an ugly road, and it’s dangerous, too. Installed as part of the botched Greenwich peninsula road network, the point where Bugsbys Way meets the Millennium Retail Park and the peninsula busway is a dicey proposition, to say the least.

Buses race across it, presumably to make sure they don’t get stuck at a red light part of the way across, and other road users don’t expect to see them. There’s been seven accidents in the past three years, one fatal.

Greenwich Council wants to fix this, and has launched a consultation which ends in 10 days’ time. It’s not quite clear who’s being consulted, though – this week’s edition of propaganda rag Greenwich Time doesn’t mention it (and nor does it mention its transport survey, either). It’s probably being kept to those mysterious “key stakeholders” again. Must be nice to be one of those.

But a copy’s come my way. Here’s what it’s planning – the full document and the map.

Why is there a scheme planned?

The scheme is proposed due to the number of personal injury accidents that have occurred at the junction of Bugsby’s Way/Commercial Way – 7 in the last 3 years. Out of these accidents 3 were classified as slight, 3 were classified as serious and the recent fatal accident.

Four of these accidents involved buses hitting pedestrians.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has a duty to reduce road casualties in the borough and we receive funding each year to enable us to develop and install Local Safety Schemes at locations that are experiencing the highest number of casualties. The improvements outlined below are designed to reduce the specific types of accidents that have been occurring and to improve facilities for more vulnerable road users.

What are the planned improvements?

The planned improvements are to:

• Install a speed table on Commercial Way which will raise the crossing point to slow buses as they approach the junction and to assist pedestrians to cross the road

• Resurface the bus lane in Commercial Way in red to highlight the fact that it is a bus-only road

• Amend the existing islands to accommodate the speed table

• Provide a right turn bay for vehicles turning from Bugsby’s Way into Commercial Way

• Amend the road markings around the junction to highlight the presence of the bus-only road and to bring the markings up to current standards

Full details are in the documents – the council’s transport staff would like to hear from you by 14 September.


  1. I agree it’s a bad junction. Nice to see the Council taking an interest. I’ve been banging on about the Victoria Way/Woolwich Road junction (and horrible zebra crossing) for ages now and have got nowhere at all. I wish they would do a consultation on that! I do think that should be done in this instance though.

  2. I live in GMV and have witnessed the aftermath of these accidents on at least four occasions including the very fatality. The buses drive way too fast over the junction and the traffic light phasing seems to cause confusion to motorists. Anything which slows the buses down is a good thing.

  3. I hope everyone is writing in to the Council with their views on this – important you do so. And Republican – get in touch again with us if you want – will tell you what is going on

  4. It is not a busy road so we don’t need such laborious traffic light phasing.

    Why not deactivate the lights (until development of the area begins and traffic increases) and install a mini-roundabout?

  5. A roundabout wouldn’t work due to the segregated busway. The buses have priority anyway and there’s no excuse for the reckless way they often drive around the peninsula (including in an area with a very hopeful 10mph limit). Not sure how much help a speed bump and some red tarmac will really be at the crossing point where the accidents have been. 20mph limit and a speed camera would work far better.

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