Greenwich Peninsula’s Kreod mystery solved

Visitors to the O2/Dome/North Greenwich Arena during the Paralympics must have wondered what on earth the strange-looking structure was between the cable car and, well, a couple of other strange-looking structures.

But all was revealed yesterday morning – it’s Kreod, billed by its backers as “London’s newest architectural landmark”. “Organic in form, environmentally-friendly and inspired by nature, these three pods combine through a series of interlocking hexagons to create an enclosed structure that is not only manificently intricate, but secure and weatherproof.”

Made with Norwegian wood – this is as much about showing off the wood as the architecture – the structure can be reassembled to suit whatever use it’s needed for, and while it looks odd on the outside, it feels rather cosy inside. I had a very quick peek inside on Tuesday morning – so early, apparently I was the first to take a look – and it’s a thought-provoking project. If you fancy a peek inside yourself, it’s there until 14 October, before it moves to other locations around London.


  1. One of the uses of these structures is supposed to be for exhibition space, so it is rather a shame that there is nothing interesting on display inside them for people to look at… maybe an exhibition of the pictures and story behind “Kreod” that is on their website. I really like the design and concept of these pods though – so much better to look at than portable metal cabins.

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