Greenwich Time school ad loses its spelling principles

Among the many joys in this week’s edition of council propaganda rag Greenwich Time is this ad for Eltham Hill School – complete with horrendous, clanking mistake…

Oh dear. While on schools in Eltham, by the way, isn’t it curious how schools which have split away from Greenwich Council try to hang onto the name of the borough whose control they’ve spurned? I was surprised to see Eltham Green School now trades under the odd moniker of Harris Academy Greenwich (what was wrong with Eltham?) while the Greenwich Free School is way out in Shooters Hill. Perhaps they’ll end up turning out a load of geographically-challenging estate agents…


  1. I assume Eltham College isn’t about to rebrand any time soon? It doesn’t seem to have suffered by association with Eltham so why on earth Harris thinks it’s a problem is anyone’s guess…

  2. Harris’s is an odd entity – I’ve heard that the predominant display boards in at least one of their schools state the future salary you will get if you do/don’t do this subject – as if is this is the only reason to be interested in anything at all.

    Are they encouraging an utterly cynical consumerist mind-set (due to where they originated) or a realistic view of teenage attitudes?

    Depressing either way…… whatever happened to trying to develop independent and inquiring minds?

  3. SEVEN pages of the GT are, in part or whole, an ad for Eltham Hill. Seems overkill. Maybe if they’d limited themselves to fewer, they could have proof read them!

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