How you can help Woolwich get a decent pub

I’ve been delighted to see such huge interest in Monday’s post about Greenwich Council refusing an upmarket pub in Woolwich a licence. It’s a reminder that, although it may not be immediately obvious, people care about battered old Woolwich as much as they worry about the tourist traps of Greenwich.

It got a huge response on Twitter (if you use it and are in SE18, you really should follow @TOWIWoolwich), which drew this illuminating response from Antic, the firm behind the plan to build a pub in Equitable House.

The square in Brixton is Windrush Square – here’s some pictures of people being encouraged to write on plywood in the square (not allowed in Woolwich) and part of a debate over whether it is becoming too gentrified thanks to the Ritzy’s agreement with Lambeth Council. It’s fair to say that’s not a worry anyone’s going to have in Woolwich the way it’s being run now.

So, how can you help Antic with its second application? Well, you can write to the firm with your support; or email with your observations.

It may also be worth petitioning Greenwich Council once a second application is made – details can be found on the council website.

Woolwich Riverside councillor John Fahy is also looking to talk to people about their aspirations for the centre of Woolwich. Get in touch with him on


  1. Well done Darryl and TOWIW. With enough of us putting forward comments hopefully the application will be successful. I have given up a little on the Dial Arch as the last few times on a Friday night we have been unable to get served, with the queue out the door. Even the Tesco Metro around the corner was doing a roaring trade with overspill customers from the pub buying up booze who were fed up with waiting. So, there is the trade for it, fingers crossed it will happen.

  2. Oh yes, so happy to hear that they will try to put a second application. Can the council not see that that is exactly what the square is lacking? A nice pub making nice food would be ideal. Also a nice cafe could do too. Any idea if any cafe is being planned to open around the square

  3. Shopping in Powis Street on Saturday offered time to reflect on how Woolwich has changed. The PizzaHut has closed, no doubt victim of online ordering, but what’s that in the window. An application for a change of use to, you’ve guessed it, another betting shop.

    Perhaps if the Royal Borough were so keen on improving Woolwich they would recorgnise that a well run eating and drinking establishment that caters for all those in the community, would benefit said community far more than another betting shop. Part of the reason those less advantaged spend time in the Square is the opportunity afforded by the copius gambling establishments. I can think of at least four facing the square.

    ‘The Woolwich’ has great potential as I see it. The Woolwich building Society was among the first of its kind to be set up. Woolwich has a long and proud history of cooperation and inclusivity and of being a place people would like to travel to.

    Let’s make Woolwich a destination again, a decent pub with decent beer and food is just the start of it.

  4. I strongly support a planning application for a decent pub in Woolich, but the vision Greenwich Concil seems to have is one that is dominated by betting shops.

    It also would help Woolich to actually have a town centre that is alive a evening and night time rather than the dead zone that it is now and where I don’t feel safe. Woolich has great potential, let’s use it to the good of the community rather than a place for street drinking and gambling; even Greenwich Council should be able to grasp this rather than lowering their aspiration for the people of Wollich that they are seen worth only of betting shops.

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