Sign this petition and help Woolwich get a decent pub

I spent part of Sunday evening in Lewisham’s Ravensbourne Arms, and very pleasant it was too. I was there on Friday too, drinking with a few other people who’d travelled over from this neck of the woods.

Sadly, though, Greenwich Council won’t allow its owners, Antic Ltd, to open a pub in the old Woolwich Equitable headquarters, claiming there are too many pubs in the area already – even though the town centre’s lost two pubs in the past decade.

Last month’s story on the licence refusal brought a huge response, and now a group of locals have set up a petition. Antic is planning to re-apply.

As proud and passionate residents of Woolwich, we urge the planning and licensing committees of Greenwich council to reconsider the recently turned down licence application from Antic to open “The Woolwich at Equitable House” and to further consider their re-application to the licensing committee.

Woolwich is in desperate need of a reputable and dynamic venue that embraces the sprit of the area whilst recognising that the population of this area is changing. Antic has a proven track record of setting up other venues in south east London and have successfully managed to help the regeneration of these areas.

Add your name to the petition here.

PS. If you want to proof of how valued Antic’s pubs are, listen to the howls of horror following news of a threat to the Catford Bridge Tavern. The CBT was formerly The Copperfield, the kind of nasty boozer that’s only too familiar in Woolwich – but was revamped by Antic into a friendly, decent pub. A planning application’s been put in by the building’s freeholder to convert it into a retail outlet – now locals are mobilising to demand Lewisham Council refuses it.


  1. Seems strange that the Council’s Licensing Committee refused this application on the grounds that there is too much night life in Woolwich while, a few weeks earlier, the Planning Board refused an application for a church to utilise the Granada Cinema building mainly on the grounds that there aren’t enough sites for night life in Woolwich.

  2. They obviously haven’t followed Dr Tayo’s lead and published some gushing praise in the GT

  3. Its fair to say GC approach to regeneration in woolwich takes some comprehending! refusing an operator like Antic in a town so desperate for improvement is a disgrace..

    another example of this…..

    Equitable House (the only decent grade 2 listed building in the town centre) sits right in the middle of the new town centre regeneration and yet on the Greens End side of the building fruit and veg stalls now back on to the front of the building. Its no wonder the only operators willing to be behind fruit and veg stalls are betting shops!…

    Why on earth would you remove the fruit and veg stall from their rightful place at the heart of the market (where they act to draw custom into the market) and use them to devalue the best retail space in the town centre?.. instead of attracting cafes and quality retailers to a wonderful grade 2 listed building in the centre of a regenaration zone, we have another two betting shops!!!…

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