No medals for Greenwich or Lewisham on TfL’s map

I was in the London Transport Museum shop the other day, admiring the Tube map of Team GB’s Olympic medallists – yours for a mere fifty quid. But then it was pointed out to me – something was missing…

Yup, the DLR’s retreated north of the river for the first time in 13 years. Still, it’s not like they held any Olympic events around here, is it? Oops.


  1. Very insulting for the athletes and borough residents alike. Even with their offices situated on the south side of the river, they still don’t realise we (in Lewisham and Greenwich) and our DLR service exist. Crazy.

  2. They have the same ommission on the map at the crossrail visitor centre at Tottenham Court Road station. That map also misses off Woolwich Arsenals interchanges.

  3. *rolls eyes*

    Blame Team GB for that then. If there were more winners, then they would have needed more stations.

  4. They could have cut off more of North London, or just truncated it as they did with other lines. On this they show the DLR terminating at Island Gardens, which is just plain wrong.

  5. Just popped out to confirm that Greenwich is still here, turns out all is well! Thank god for that, so in fact we have a poster that doesn’t show Greenwich and a molehill that seems to have been turned into a mountain!

    Oh and Clare, actually it shows the DLR terminating at Nick Skelton which is actually wrong so maybe its not meant to be geographically accurate.

    Please can we take a collective chill pill on this.

  6. It’s ok, I’m so chilled I’m practically frozen, and not just due to the weather.

    The map is still wrong though.

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