Blackheath Fireworks – don’t be like Greenwich Council, cough up

In case you’d forgotten, the annual Blackheath fireworks display starts tonight at 8pm. More details are on Lewisham Council’s website.

It’s the third year that Greenwich Council has refused to fund the event, which attracts 100,000 people, sits squarely on the border of Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs and had been jointly-backed by the two councils for about 20 years before that.

Last year, the fireworks were actually launched from Greenwich’s side of the heath.

In case you’re thinking this is good old sensible Labour Greenwich putting local services ahead of whizz-bangs, unlike silly old er, Labour Lewisham, then it’s worth remembering Greenwich pulled out to save £37,000. This year, Greenwich has treated its head of PR to a £25,000 pay rise, and has blown at least £114,000 on royal borough celebrations. The whole sorry tale of how Greenwich blew 2010’s fireworks cash on a booze-up for the mayor can be found in the archives.

If everyone who went to the fireworks gave a couple of quid, Lewisham would cover all its costs. So don’t be like Greenwich Council, donate and enjoy tonight.

PS. There are extra Southeastern trains to Blackheath tonight – but watch your Oyster card.


  1. Greenwich is completely hammer as usual tonight, all that money coming into the town, clearly that will make paying the council taxes easier. Greenwich really are missing the boat on this one. Shame on them!

  2. A rather sedate display this year lacking edge, I thought, in comparison with SOME truly awesome displays in previous years. A mere 20 minutes of gentle whoosh and oohh-ah and neck crick and that was yer lot.

    The cuts and Greenwich’s Council’s non-contribution for a second straight year were clearly in evidence.

    And not nearly enough noise! In previous years the deafening mid-air bangs set off car and house alarms across Blackheath and threatened to bring in our windows. Now THAT was fun – and truly spectacular.

    Come on, this is fireworks. Fireworks are supposed to be noisy. Ask the Chinese. And it’s only for under half an hour once a year.

    So is this the start of the end for Blackheath’s crowd-pulling annual fireworks spectacular? I hope not but the one this year was tame.

    And as an afterthought, perhaps the pubs, restaurants, fast food outlets and other local businesses who benefit from the increased trade generated by the fireworks crowds could be asked to contribute proportionately in the same way the crowds are now being asked to donate to the cost of staging the show.

  3. I thought they were great. 20 mins just about does it for my attention span tho!
    walking back down Balls Pond Road it certainly felt as busy/busier than previous years.

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