Blackheath Standard speed bump plans unveiled

Greenwich Council has revealed plans to install speed bumps – “raised tables” – to slow down traffic at Blackheath Standard, as well as narrowing the roadway at the top of Westcombe Hill. There’s an exhibition of the plans at Mycenae House community centre in Mycenae Road until the end of the month if you want to know more – and you can see a letter and diagram to explain more.

Hey, the council could put this on its website, but you wouldn’t get a picture of the Standard in the snow there…


  1. I’m back in the speed camera group. Speed bumps just do not work as people still bounce over/around them. Put cameras in and start making the speeders contribute towards local services in these cash-strapped times.

  2. Despair. Have the ‘experts’ who have obviously been paid well for this actually walaked or driven around the Standard? I do both frequently and, nice though the pavement improvements are, I cannot see that they will be significant in making the place safer and pleasanter to walk round. The fast track from upper Westcombe Hill into Charlton Road round the corner will, if anything, speed up. And, for dirvers, has no-one noticed that those driving round the system, eastward along Charlton Road, then turning to go west are 99% of the time wanting to change lanes? Otherwise they’ll be going back where they came from. The amendments here do not encourage drivers from Charlton to accommodate those joining the route, or even make it easier to swap sides. Will obviously put this forward in consultation. Just felt like a rant here. Sorry.

  3. Won’t narrowing the road stop all those Kent commuter coaches that rat run down WH? – surely that’s a good thing?

  4. Thanks for putting this here- I wish the council would be slightly more open about these consultations.

    As someone who cycles around this on my commute each way I’d love to see it improved – properly. A bump might help, but I’ll be responding (pie in the sky) and asking for what really needs doing – which is to turn it into a two way road junction (a slightly complicated crossroads basically) and block the Eastbound section of Charlton Road – there’s no call to have a two lane roundabout at the meeting point of a series of single-lane roads.

    Totally agree about cameras (and dropping it to a 20 limit would be nice too) but road-narrowing tends to risk being squashed when on a bike.

  5. Its interesting to see that the consultation letter is addressed only to properties that are directly affected by the proposals. There’s no recognition that people from wider community that use the Standard for shopping, school etc might have relevant views (and even might support the scheme). The consultation isn’t listed on the “consultations” section of the Council’s web site.

  6. At last! I have live in and around the standby for 30 years and the one way system has always been a concern since implemented!

    Users wanting to correctly navigate back around towards blackheath seem to be terrified of use the lanes properly as on any other one way system across the country due to the drivers traveling from Charlton seem to think they have priority to drift across into the right hand lane where others seem to use it as a t-junnction and try to move into the left hand lane across the ghost island instead on moving around and merging properly.
    The amount of accident I see is easily one a day!
    The new speed table and extension of this island will definately sort this problematic junction out. Well done to whoever thought of this improvement… A great idea to help make this a safer area for all!

  7. Sorry about the predictive text errors… Must learn to read before submitting! Sure you’ll figure it out!

  8. For Maggie,

    Just to reassure you that I am in complete agreance with you about the volume of traffic wanting to merge towards the western direction… However your worry about the new layout not working is not one to be had as the new plan clearly shows and extension/transformation of the ghost island by several metres and using raised kerbs to deter the traffic coming from Charlton direction from drifting over far too early. Therefore giving the road users wanting to merge into the western lane the ability to use the oneway system correctly by following the arrows that are already in place around to the broken white lines instead of trying to cross the ghost island the incorrect way. Also the speed table is on that very point but only on the eastern approach to the standard encourage drivers again to slow down plus the additional table a few hundred yards along at the pelican crossing.

    I do hope this clears any doubts up!

    This new layout makes perfect sense if read correctly and road users adhear to the Highway Code of practice.

  9. So… New road layout seems to be working well! Have heard no horns and have seen no accidents… Such a change from normal! Vehicles are at last using the one way system properly and able to merge safely without the temptation to cut straight across either way.

    A couple of the larger/longer beheld need to negotiate it a little better as the 108 keeps mounting the pavement…. No one else seems to though including coaches and a 50ft car transporter lorry.. With tailer!

    Great work and design Greenwich council… Money well spent, much much much safer and the pavements look good too… Even looks like they are installing extra lamp posts.

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