If Nick Raynsford can defend Lewisham Hospital, so can you

Greenwich & Woolwich MP has added his voice to the thousands who are backing the campaign to save Lewisham Hospital’s accident and emergency and maternity services.

He has opposed the plans to cut services put forward in the report by administrator Matthew Kershaw following the failure of the South London Healthcare Trust, fearing they will overwhelm Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

Raynsford says: “The A&E at QEH is already running close to capacity, and reducing A&E services in South East London could seriously compromise patient safety and impose excessive pressures on QEH. Similar considerations apply to maternity services.

“I urge anyone in South London who is concerned about the future of our beloved health service to respond to the consultation process to make their views known. It is vital that we continue to keep strong public pressure on Matthew Kershaw and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to maintain high-quality NHS services throughout South East London. In the meantime, residents of Greenwich and Woolwich have my full assurance that this issue will remain a major focus of my attention over the coming weeks.”

It’s good to see him come out so firmly against the plans – hear more from him a couple of weeks back – it’s a shame that Greenwich Council is still publicly sitting on the fence, although it has registered its objections, preferring instead to bang the drum for polluting new roads. Priorities, eh?

The consultation closes on Wednesday Thursday night – it’s not exactly a user-friendly piece of work, but it’s important as many people as possible speak up for services at Lewisham. You’ll find it here (“go to the online consultation form”). There’s a guide on the Save Lewisham Hospital website. It’ll only take 10 minutes – it could be your last chance to help preserve a decent NHS in south east London.


    A mate of mine had this to say when I asked where I could upload a protest about Lewisham Hospital
    -read on:

    “It’s being posted all over the internet, government don’t give a toss. People in Lewisham don’t have money, those close to the other hospitals do have money. Sorry if I sound a bit lefty but I can’t see any other reason for doing it. It makes no medical sense and no financial sense.”

    “Been announced that because a neighbouring Health Trust is in financial difficulty GOVT is going to replace Lewisham A&E with a minor injuries unit and make the maternity unit midwife-led, dealing with “safe” pregnancies only.”

    “Both of my grandchildren were safe pregnancies but developed into emergency cesareans within ten minutes. The nearest consultant will now be twenty minutes away with blues and twos going. If this had been in place BOTH my daughters and the babies would be DEAD.”

    “The nearest A&E is also twenty minutes away with blues and twos. So they spend £12m on a new A&E unit, a similar amount on a Maternity Unit, results are outstanding, a real improvement. So they then close both down because a completely unconnected health trust is in difficulty in part because of a PFI contract. Nasty Labour government. Or it would be if the PFI contract hadn’t been signed off by the Tories, but they tried to bury that one.”

    “Apart from the rest of it, where is the incentive to improve if you know you will be closed by someone else failing?”

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