Shock news: Olympic legacy spotted at North Greenwich

Tesco North GreenwichA genuine bit of Olympic legacy at North Greenwich – and no, not the pink direction signs which have reappeared as blue pointers to the cable car.

These chunky cycle racks appeared a couple of weeks before the Games, along with the security bollards, and have remained there ever since. And they’re always busy. Quietly, something worth building on is happening at North Greenwich. Not that the area wasn’t short of racks anyway – as well as the thief-friendly stands at North Greenwich bus station, there’s a load outside Ravensbourne and an underused set outside TfL’s Mitre Passage offices under the watchful eye of CCTV (and smokers).

But these ones seem to be getting more popular. I saved myself £200 and a ton of stress by cycling to North Greenwich and buying only a zones 1/2 travelcard rather than taking the train from zone 3 Charlton (or taking a bus to North Greenwich) and getting wound up. Getting onto the peninsula is fiddly, but riding along the Thames Path remains a joy. Now I look forward to my ten-minute bolt down the hill and along the river each morning, rather than dreading the hassle of taking a train or bus.

Hopefully others are getting the same message. You can even hire a bike and give it a go thanks to this amazingly underpublicised local NHS scheme (Greenwich borough residents only, sadly). And you get used to the hills. Honest.


  1. Ah, in years to come we’ll look at those bike racks and sigh and remember the glory days of the Olympics and their great legacy for south east London.

  2. Looking at the photos of the remains of stolen bikes on the linked article, it is a bit foolish to look just your front wheel to the pillar as that can be detached in seconds.

    But there is a very active bike theft ring in this area. Our building’s bike shed has been broken into so many times that we have had to install CCTV.

  3. The first lot of stands are too wide for many d-locks but there are other further down the line (away from Tesco entrance though).

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