Greenwich Get Cycling (if only along the Thames Path)

A little postscript to the Greenwich Time ramble. The way the council’s weekly paper works, to promote the borough the way its leadership sees it, means that some of the many genuinely good works that come from the town hall are poorly publicised.

There’s a good example this week, as buried on page 22 is a one-paragraph plug for Greenwich Get Cycling day, which is this Saturday in Woolwich. It’s just a bit less prominent than the “star letters” GT runs criticising cyclists. So here’s a bigger plug for it.

You are invited to attend the Greenwich Get Cycling event on Saturday 27th April at the Royal Arsenal from 12pm-4pm. The cycling family fun day will include a series of led rides and other cycling activities to help you get cycling now Spring is on its way.

You will be able to take part in one of eight led cycle rides along the Thames Path, they are mostly flat and traffic free routes, perfect for families and new beginners:

* The shorter 30 minute route will travel eastwards to Thamesmead, leaving at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

* The longer 45 minute route will travel westwards along the Thames to New Charlton, leaving at 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm.

All rides will start and end at the Woolwich Arsenal Pier in Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. (Book in advance – see details.)

As well as the cycle rides, there will be other cycle related entertainment near the Woolwich Arsenal Pier, so come along and get involved:

Cycle tag* Try out the Smoothie bike to pedal yourself a Smoothie

* Take part in the Pedal Powered Scalextric

* Find out about how to maintain your bike from the Dr Bike service

* Take part in the Limited Edition Cyclists cycling skills course and slow bike race

* Get your bike security marked by the Metropolitan Police

* Find out how you can get cycling to work and get your own personalised route plan

* Find out about cycle training in the borough

There’s a lot of good cycling work going on behind the scenes at Greenwich Council – and this is an admirable event which deserves support. In particular, I’m told the council’s cycle training is very good indeed. It’s something you’ll rarely read about in GT, but I did see tags on bikes in Greenwich town centre a few weeks ago promoting the service, which struck me as a very good idea. Indeed, I keep meaning to give it a go myself.

All of which makes it even sadder that the political leadership of the council isn’t interested. The Thames Path is a wonderful facility, but hopefully one day, cycling will be taken seriously enough that there’ll be a Greenwich Get Cycling Day that doesn’t have to rely on using the riverside walk.


  1. I’m a proficient rider, but have been out with Mike “The Bike” and his team on the odd weekend for a few pointers. They really are a fantastic group. And it’s free! I would highly recommend to anyone who fancies trying out, or getting back onto the saddle.

  2. I realise we’re hardly Copenhagen yet, but the new cycle lanes along Woolwich Road between Vanburgh Hill and Maze Hill make a huge difference, so praise to the Council where praise is due and all that.

  3. You’re right, actually, I had a little ride along them on Monday and they felt a lot better than what was there before. Admittedly, it’s starting from a low level, but the dotted tracks across junctions are a nice touch.

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