Evening Standard damns Deptford to back Convoys Wharf

Evening Standard, 2 May 2013
New plans to redevelop Convoys Wharf in Deptford are about to be submitted to Lewisham Council, so London’s monopoly evening newspaper very kindly copied and pasted one of the developers’ press releases.

Why would London want another Shoreditch, for heaven’s sake?

(Cliche watch: It’s nine years since the Standard called New Cross “the new Hoxton“.)

Anyone on the east side of Deptford Creek who hasn’t been keeping up with the Convoys story should be brushing up on it now. With 46-storey towers looming over the riverfront, and 3,500 new flats – with the only new transport infrastructure being diverted bus and river bus routes – this makes recent plans for Greenwich and Woolwich look like child’s play.

It’ll have a huge impact on the Greenwich town centre heritage site, but the wider effect on the local infrastructure threatens to be even more damaging than some of the other poorly thought-through developments in this area. See the Deptford Dame for more.

But hey, new Shoreditch!

Evening Standard, 2 May 2013

“Not kept pace with those of other riverside areas,” eh? Silly Deptford for being Chelsea Harbour. Well, not yet.

Deptford Is… has much more informed Convoys commentary than I could ever provide, while for imaginative ideas of what to do with the Convoys site, take a look at the Sayes Court Garden project (which wants to recreate John Evelyn’s 17th Century garden) and Build the Lenox – a scheme to get the old dockyard building a ship again. Both ideas aim to build on the tourist appeal of Greenwich, and deserve support.


  1. WHAT!!!! Not another annexing of the riverside with scant regard for the wider implications – these schemes are uniformly banal in design, old-fashioned, inappropriate, environmentally damaging, socially divisive – I could go on. I particularly despise the current office-aesthetic that is ruining London’s built environment. It seems to be a contagion.

  2. This blog is turning into a nimby parody! The only new development you approve of is the building of special roads for cyclists.

  3. Anyone who uses the term “nimby’ ought to have a multi-lane motorway and a nuclear power station built right outside where they live. It’s a term used as an excuse to stop people objecting perfectly legitimately to the profiteering of developers at the cost of local communities, their environment and their health. Greenwich has thousands and thousands of very similar schemes going through right now and more planned, involving the loss of precious green space and a massive increase in traffic and demand on local services which are not entirely equipped for such a change. No one is against proper planning, but just flooding an already nearly saturated area with identikit new flats for private profit does no good to anyone except a few rich businessmen.

  4. Just to clarify, I meant thousands and thousands of new flats going through in the borough, rather than new schemes exactly, but you get the idea… In practical terms It’s a hell of a lot for one area to cope with and shows a lack of care and imagination on behalf of the developers and the council alike for the place they supposedly champion.

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