Dopey developers leave Greenwich Yacht Club high and dry

It’s been about five weeks now since the river end of Peartree Way in Greenwich was shut off for a baffling new phase of Greenwich Millennium Village, offering unrivalled views of aggregate works and a recycling plant.

Somewhat left cut off by all this was Greenwich Yacht Club, which since 1998 has sat proudly at the end of Peartree Way, but will now sit behind the new housing, to be accessed through an archway.

In the meantime, a little road has been built around the building site. It’s an absurdly narrow road, with tight corners, a single pavement and no thought given to how cyclists navigate it to get to the riverside cycle path. The hoardings also obscure the yacht club – confusing visitors to what’s a hugely popular private hire venue.

Some belated measures have been put in to make this dimly-laid out road a little less dangerous, like mirrors so drivers can see what’s ahead. And some little signs were put up for “Greenwhich Yacht Club”. They were swiftly replaced with some ones that spelled “Greenwich” correctly.

But little A4-sized signs weren’t good enough. So new signs have gone up today. Nothing could go wrong with those, surely?

Greenwich, 25 July 2013

Oh. But they wouldn’t make that mistake twice, would they?

Greenwich, 25 July 2013

But nobody would be as incompetent as to order the installation of three huge wrongly-spelled signs, would they? Er…

Greenwich Yacht Club, 25 July 2013

You can also just see that the signs on the Thames Path still point the wrong way, five weeks after a local councillor started chasing it up and three weeks after I made my own complaint to Greenwich Council. You know, it’s enough to make you want to start a blog about how shambolic everything is around here…

(Saturday update: The signs were replaced on Friday, following a visit from local councillor Mary Mills and regeneration cabinet member Denise Hyland.)


  1. That is absolutely hilarious!
    Definately one or the next edition of ‘Sh** London’.

  2. Could be deliberate – “N” might have taken things over the signage budget…..

    In future you could have something like GNWH instead. What do your reckon? Space saving and “Only Connect” quiz-style directions for funsters…win,win.

  3. I could go on about it for hours – ——- —————- (must eventually write my memoirs)

  4. Good comment ‘Mickey Mouse’. Shame you spelt ‘definitely’ incorrectly!

  5. i have a bug bear to share…. i use this cycle path daily and the area directly outside the yacht club is constantly littered with broken glass. despite complaints lodged online to the council i still haven’t been told who’s responsible for the maintenance…. and the glass just keeps coming….

  6. Angie. The maintenance company responsible is called Quaystone I think. Don’t have their number to hand but will post it when I find it.

  7. Thanks Steve

    I finally got this response from Angela Penney, Performance, Quality & Enforcement Support Officer of the Street Cleansing, Caretaking & Ground Maintenance Team at Royal Borough of Greenwich:

    Thank you for your enquiry, the contents of which I note.
    A Supervisor and Team of Street Cleaning Operatives attended the area yesterday and cleaned, litter picked and swept the cycle lane and surrounding area. I am informed that no glass was located/found.
    The area is also swept, litter picked and cleaned to schedule; this is every Thursday.
    The broken glass may well be from the customers of the Yacht Club. The Supervisor for this area will continue the area for the time being.

    I have taken a photo of the glass, some of which is still there, I’m not usually this uptight but I don’t want another puncture and all it takes is one piece of glass, this is a cycle path after all.

  8. If Greenwich say there is no glass and you have photographic evidence there is, then I suggest you are definitely not being uptight!

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