Greenwich Council elections are in 3 weeks – have you noticed?


So, we’re just over three weeks away from the elections to Greenwich Council (and all other London boroughs) on 22 May. Had you noticed the carnival of democracy filling the streets?

Nah, me neither. Here’s who’s standing

Labour Conservatives Liberal Democrats Green Party UKIP Others
Abbey Wood Denise Hyland
Clive Mardner
Steve Offord
Graham Brinkhurst
Barbara Couper
Frank Salmon
Mark Bryceland
Tom Headon
Samson Iriajen
Gerard Briody Michael Glenister
 Paul Morrissey
Cherry Parker
Damien Welfare
Geoff Brighty
Laela Pakpour Tabrizi
Thomas Turrell
Lee Coppack
Michael O’Keefe
Trevor Allman
Charlton Allan MacCarthy
Gary Parker
Miranda Williams
Della Averley
Miki Rodrigues-Hale
James Worron
Paul Chapman
Ian Gerrard
Richard Mbogga
Jack Wheeler Gary Port
& New Eltham
Rob Carr
Sandra Bauer
John Slater
Mandy Brinkhurst
Matt Hartley
John Hills
Paul Gentry
Emma Lewis
Michael Lewis
Dave Sharman Peter Whittle Cliff Adams (BNP)
Eltham North  Linda Bird
Simon Peirce
Wynn Davies
Spencer Drury
Nigel Fletcher
Adam Thomas
Patrick Early
Yvonne Nichols
Rob Stead Paul Butler Roberta Woods (BNP)
Eltham South Simon Christie
John Galloway
Jagir Sekhon
Matt Clare
Nuala Geary
Mark Elliott
Michael Chuter
Eileen Cox
Mark Pattenden
David Turner John Evans Eileen Glover (Ind)
Thelma Peete (BNP)
Eltham West Bill Freeman
Mick Hayes
Ray Walker
Charles Davis
John Nichols
James Shipp
Harry Potter
Elliot Shubert
Mark Stevenson Ryan Acty Paul Ramsey (BNP)
Glyndon Don Austen
Peter Brooks
Radha Rabadia
Gillian Lee
Bhaval Patel
Sheila Stirling
Jo Heap
Eva Nabukeera-Mbogga
Edward Ottery
Janine Wilson Lynne Chamberlain (TUSC)
Sian Stringer (TUSC)
Sara Kasab (TUSC)
Greenwich West Maureen O’Mara
Matt Pennycook
Aidan Smith
Andrew Corstorphine
Patricia Gillard
Louis McLean-Wait
Suzanne Miller
Mark Rotchell
Andy Smith
Robin Stott
with Hornfair
Norman Adams
Christine Grice
David Stanley
 Gold Chudi Emmanuel
Toni Hale
Semo Serroukh
Frances Hunter Arthur Hayles Barbara Ray
Middle Park
& Sutcliffe
Mark James
Christine May
Clare Morris
David Goss
Benjamin Mawji
Elizabeth Drury
David Beaumont
Mary Green
Paul Webbewood
Roger Brand Raymond Adams Nick Scanlon (BNP)
Peninsula Stephen Brain
Chris Lloyd
Denise Scott-McDonald
Maya Mann
Harry Methley
Piers Tweddell
Chris Brand
Anthony Durham
George McFarlane
Phil Connolly
Jan King
Tim Wilson
Gillian Radcliffe Terry Wheeler (Ind)
Plumstead Angela Cornforth
Matthew Morrow
Rajinder Sehmar
Sheila Frost
Martin Riley
Gemma Robinson
Sylvia Derrick-Reeve Jo Lawbuary Ronie Johnson
Shooters Hill Chris Kirby
Sarah Merrill
Danny Thorpe
Pat Greenwell
Maureen Burgess
Amit Tiwari
Anthony Austin
Stewart Christie
Bonnie Soanes
Michael Westcombe Les Price
Thamesmead Moorings Olu Babatola
Sizwe James
Averil Lekau
David Brinson
Thomas Ralph
Alka Stannard
Paul West Susan Haroutunian Freda McEwen (Ind)
Femi Solola (Ind)
David Gardner
Ambreen Hisbani
Harry Singh
Patricia Hills
Jennifer Jones
Janet Wainwright
Peter Gwizdala Purnendu Roy David Warwicker
Barbara Barwick
John Fahy
Jackie Smith
David Couper
Michael Davidson
Abdoulaye Diallo
Rachael Clarke
Sally Hooker
Matthew Horrox
Elizabeth Angas John Gill Hamsa Yusuf (Ind)

Ind – Indepdendent, TUSC – Trade Union & Socialist Coalition

Not got a polling card yet? Visit to get yourself registered.

Greenwich Time, 29 April 2013Real life’s meant things have been rather busy at 853 Towers lately, but the only sign of an election so far has been an underwhelming leaflet from the Labour party’s Charlton branch with a little survey to fill in and back. Nobody else has bothered so far.

(If you have any, it’s worth sticking them up on to share with the wider world.)

Of course, the electioneering continues unofficially in the pages of council propaganda weekly Greenwich Time, still being published during the purdah period, and this week leading on crime figures. All remains doubleplusgood in the self-styled royal borough.

If outgoing leader Chris Roberts can’t appear in his paper right now, he can still edit it (while also even hiding behind the council’s press office to slag off a Tory.) Heaven knows what’s going to happen in the council bunker when he finally goes – or if Eric Pickles finally shuts Greenwich Time down.

As for the politicians, and would-be politicians, the candidates list confirms that Chris Roberts’s deputy Peter Brooks was shoehorned into the outgoing Dear Leader’s Glyndon ward at the last minute, while there’s a fair number of UKIP candidates for the first time – the European elections could have a strange effect on the local ones. Lib Dem candidates drop to 40, the Greens are standing 19 candidates, while People Before Profit appears to have abandoned its push into Greenwich in favour of campaign hijacking in Lewisham.

The only party to have bothered publicly releasing a manifesto is the Liberal Democrats.

So far, so uninteresting. But things might be different around your way. There are some little stories in there that I’ll try to tease out at a later date, but how has the election been for you so far? Are you drowning in leaflets or being ignored by your candidates? And will you be voting?


  1. The first I knew of these elections was when the polling card hit the door mat. I have to confess, I have not voted in local elections before, but now that I’ve lived in Westcombe Park for a number of years and seen how rediculous the council planning department acted over the proposed Ikea development, I feel now is the time to make my vote count. As yet, I’ve not managed to find a single piece of campaign information or anything like a manifesto for each of the candidates, so I will stay glued to this site for further updates.

  2. Local elections are all well and good, but don’t you know there’s a Tall Ships Regatta on?

    We’ve had the Labour leaflet (with it’s postage stamp-sized space for giving feedback – couldn’t they have provided continuation paper?) and nowt else so far.

  3. Well, let’s see – in Charlton there’s the incumbents, the Tories (which includes the party formerly known as the LibDems), one Green (which even you gave up on) and one UKIP. Not much to get excitied about. It’s looking like the Spoiled Vote party might be the most attractive choice here.

  4. There’s a hustings to discuss the candidates’ plans for services for disabled people on 14th May 4-6pm at the Forum Trafalgar Road . Organised by Greenwich Association of Disabled People and Greenwich Mencap

  5. Hi there Denise Scott-McDonald, Chris Lloyd and myself (Stephen Brain) Labour have been out in Peninsula ward fortnightly since June 2013. January 2014 we moved to every week and March stepped it up to twice a week. April onwards three times week plus helping others canvass (like the 853 host) we also have jobs…
    IKEA at PB I set out my real reservations about it and continue to do so (as a local resident). Planing issues are non-party political (not whipped) all Labour Party members can set out their own views.

  6. and hi there to you Stephen …. not seen any of you around Annandale Road nor any manifesto infromation … but we do still see the excellent Mary Mills

  7. Echoing Stephen’s comments, I can confirm Labour’s Linda Bird, Wynn Davies and I have been out on the doorstep listening to residents in Eltham North for some time now. Whilst it’s important to scrutinise the council on sites such as this, the achievements of the Labour council in the growth and regeneration of the borough (whilst keeping CT and charge increases to a minimum) should also be recognised.

  8. Stephen and co, I’m afraid all I’ve seen of you guys in the peninsula ward is a ‘sorry we missed you’ leaflet quietly put under my door while I was in. Good to see you on here but I’m sure there’s more you could be doing to set out you stall on local issues, esp ikea, the tunnel, and more widely how you will contribute to reforming the disgusting legacy Mr Roberts and his cronies will be leaving behind.

    In any case you’ve got a very tough act to follow and Mary Mills was the only labour candidate in any election ever to get my vote. Seems she will likely remain as such, as much to protest her ridiculous deselection as anything else.

  9. Hi Hedley,
    We’ve done Annandale 3 times since last June & I’ve got friends at 4 addresses in the road so know it well- manifesto a Party matter will be out shortly. Also I’ve been liaising with Residents Association and developers for 5 months (as an individual) on Lovells’ Wharf. Spoke at PB about this one as well…known Mary for years as a ward resident and sat on board of GCDA with her for 8 years…still in close contact.

  10. Hi Omar,
    We do want to talk to people last night in the East of the ward I was accused of knocking too loudly and waking baby…(two different babies actually two different houses). You’ll only get the “Sorry we missed you” card if no one answers. In Peninsula we’re not too keen on leaflet campaigns but want to talk to people. This is the first time I’ve stood for election (although I’m a life-long community activist). Re: Mary -see my comments to Hedley. I remain on v. good terms with M and she (as a life-long Labour Party member) is working hard to get us elected.

  11. Stephen …. perhaps, rather than wait for the manifesto which you indicate will be out shortly and will probably be a broad brush stroke, you could simply respond to Omar’s points from your own perspective (for or against or points you would wish to make) on specifc local issues to the ward. I am keen to vote Labour as I have done for ever but need local policy details.

  12. Echoing Hedleys comment, not seen any party canvassers in Fingal Street at all. I’m around at all sorts of time of the day (shift work) and haven’t had a ‘missed you’ card either. I do find comments like, “I’ve been liaising with Residents Association and developers for 5 months (as an individual) on Lovells’ Wharf”…etc rather imprecise and vague. It is exactly the type of management babble designed to say precisely nothing whilst inferring activity and interest. So, what exactly have you been doing / liaising about? And please, no abbreviations…PB….GCDA…CT…. again, designed to sound impressive but also puts up another barrier between you and the electorate to make it sound important and impenetrable to those not in the know.

  13. Sad not to see Mary Mills not standing as an independent.
    What on earth was the Labour party thinking when they didn’t select an obviously, popular and effective person? Especially at a time of major change in the Peninsular ward.
    How can this be in the best interest of the ward?
    As a result, I plan to vote anti-Labour.
    Who is most likely to beat Labour in Peninsular? I’ll vote for them.

  14. Hi John sorry you feel this way. The selection of candidates is a democratic process by members. Mary is actively supporting us candidates and remains a Labour Party member.To my knowledge Mary never considered throwing her toys out of the pram post the selection results-she’s too sensible (I’ve know her and worked with her for many years). Some longer term residents of Peninsula (when it was Trafalgar), myself included, have been actively involved in community actions since 1985 but not under a political banner until very recently.

  15. Stephen ….. again with no manifesto and so much to do to make up for the reputation of local Labour just tell us what you think are the key issues for this ward and your views on any wider issues … we need to know if you or any other candidates are able to represent us ….. we could all ‘liase with’ or be ‘involved in’ but what will be your pledges or commitments ?

  16. You a journalist, Hedley? Brilliant probing. Be great to get some answers.

  17. Peter, no I am not a journalist, just a resident who in their heart wants to vote Labour but feel that the whole Mary Mills deselection episode stinks and that the current majority party takes us all for granted. I also just want to know what any candidate is actually going to make/not make happen eg river tunnel, pavement tax, mayoral banquet, Greenwich Time, balancing poorly designed, dense and out of scale housing projects with the need for housing and the subsequent impact on under resourced local infrastructure, air quality and traffic flow on Trafalgar Road …. for example at the very simplest level would Stephen or any of the other candidates have allowed a new swimming pool to be built with two shallow ends as compared to the existing pool that will be closed or to the new pool in Lewisham (and I don’t use the pool but it is a useful example of meeting/not meeting the needs of those local people and groups who would/do use it)

  18. Ken – hoping to explore that very point in the coming days, along with the total absence of any kind of election narrative from Labour (or the Tories, for that matter).

  19. I’m going to vote for Hedley who has articulated some of my questions beautifully.

    No matter what Labour say about Mary Mills, she was deselected!! Easily one of the most liked and respected councillors was deemed not good enough to represent Labour.

    Sorry, but pleas that everything is fine don’t ring true to me.

  20. Who can beat Labour in Peninsular? You can check out the historical voting patterns and see that the outstanding Mary Mills had a 3% premium over the other Labour candidates with around 15% of the vote in 2010. When the Greens only fielded one candidate (2006) they got 11% of the vote, (3% off non-Mary Labour), but in 2010 when they fielded 3 candidates the vote went down to around 5% per candidate, but 16% of the total vote. Had they fielded one candidate they might just have got someone on the council (assuming a certain level of disaffection with Labour was driving a few voters to cast one vote green). Peninsular Greens are well ahead of the other wards which only get around 3% of the vote and the new demographics and current issues in the Peninsular as witnessed on this blog are a big opportunity for them. Because of the European Elections and current polls I would say UKIP are likely to steal some votes from Labour and the Conservatives. LibDems – flat lining at best? So if the Green Party get their political act together – get out on the streets – be there on polling day telling voters who to cast their single green vote for – Green could well steal one or two seats in Peninsular and help get the pollution issues taken seriously.

  21. Your Charlton Labour councillors and supporters have been out and about canvassing for sometime, 3 days a week,suggest you look at @charltonlabour or at @CllrG2013 on twitter for pictures of us in action,we will be attending the Charlton Society Hustings on 12th May. One campaign leaflet has already been delivered and another will be delivered shortly

  22. At least Peninsula has got rid of Mrs No-Show. Which lucky ward has got her now?

  23. Is it worth bothering with?
    Demanding change and improvement whilst continuing to vote for more of the same is sad enough but even worse is knowing that a currant bun wearing the right rosette would stand an excellent chance of being elected.

  24. I’ll vote – mainly because I always have regardless of what the election is for – but I haven’t seen any of my councillors since they were last elected (granted I haven’t been to any of their surgeries either). I had to look mine up as I don’t think we’ve received any leaflets yet – although they’re all welcome to cut out the middle man & stick them in the wheelie bin.

    I wasn’t paying too much attention at the time but when the austerity cuts started, was there any discussion on reducing the number of councillors in the borough? Never really seen why we have so many (given that we also enjoy the services of our GLA, MP and MEP).

  25. Is it too late for Hedley to stand? I’ve always voted Labour (in Lewisham) and always will but they’ve got to sort their heart and soul out nationally. It’s one of the reasons why Ukip has slithered into view.

  26. Surely Peter you don’t mean ban immigration and leave the EU?…Re: Nominations “Gone gone and never called me Mother”

  27. I am not interested in Labour again seeing as they got rid of Mary Mills. I will be voting for anyone but them. Probably the person I think is most likely to beat them.

  28. Just in case there’s anyone following this discussion that hasn’t seen this, I thought I’d add a sneaky plug for our post at the Charlton Champion that covers the two hustings for Woolwich Riverside and Charlton wards that were organised by the Charlton Society. The links on that post will take you to collated tweets and audio for the meeting.

    I don’t mention this purely for evil promotional reasons – I went to both hustings (I was recording the sound, not tweeting) and my voting intentions have changed as a result of the Charlton ward hustings. I think there’s quite a lot of food for thought in what the candidates have to say.

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