Be magnanimous in victory… except if you’re Eltham Labour

A little postscript to May’s Greenwich Council election. The highest-profile scalp was that of Conservative Nigel Fletcher, who lost his Eltham North seat as Labour advanced – due at least in part to Ukip taking suburban votes from the Tories.

Nigel’s written well about his experience of losing. Sadly, others couldn’t be as classy. On Saturday, Nigel got this leaflet through his door.

Eltham North Labour leaflet

Ouch. Not nice.

Still, at least Nigel can count himself lucky – up here in the north of the borough, hearing from your councillors after an election simply doesn’t happen.

In the meantime, let’s keep a special eye out for how Linda Bird and Wynn Davies shake things up…

2.45pm update: Nigel has now written about the letter himself.


  1. “up here in the north of the borough, hearing from your councillors after an election simply doesn’t happen. ” So true! Our local Councillor has cancelled a post-election meeting with a local Residents’ Association and rarely answers emails, even to acknowledge receipt.

  2. I will not be drawn into commenting on how conscientious Eltham North councillors are, but will take issue with the unfounded assertion that Labour in the North of the Borough has not been in touch with voters since the 22 May election. Au contraire, I have been out with colleagues knocking on doors in Woolwich Common only last week, in Charlton yesterday covering a huge area and I know that Glyndon were out in the Polethorne estate. Labour is very much out and in touch with residents, not just at election times but all year round.

  3. I’d add to this thread but I’m in the middle of something that affects all my colleagues and I need to go to the desks of a selection of them and see if they are there. If only there was an easier way of letting people know…

    Apologies for the snark, having asked the Labour Cllrs in Charlton ward on numerous occasions if they would consider posting a monthly online update and not even getting a ‘sod off’ in response I find this topic pretty depressing.

  4. Yep … nothing heard here from the new Peninsular councillors since the election …. they could have offered a couple of monthly online updates by now … you know the idea, a bit like the regularly updated blog/diary by a previous councillor who was not reselected to stand in the May elections. Talk about …. hitting the ground running blah, blah … engaging the community blah, blah … etc, etc, etc

  5. Echo the comments re Peninsular councillors. Haven’t heard from them before, during or after the election.

  6. The blog updates that Alex Grant and Mary Mills did gave really useful, practical info on what was going on in the area, particularly re: planning apps, community events, etc. They certainly helped me understand a bit better what councillors actually *do* (and, maybe more importantly, *can’t do*). It’d be great if some more of our councillors could do the same. (Twitter updates on which streets they’ve just visited offer little value…)

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