Metroknobbers: The golden days of South London blogging?

The Job Centre, Deptford High Street

Plenty happening, but not enough time to write about them, which is frustrating. Better busy than bored, but output on this website might be sporadic for a little while to come. But I thought you might like to hear a little side project – the Metroknobbers podcast, produced by Onionbagblog and Brixton Buzz‘s Jason Cobb and featuring him and me waxing lyrical on south London happenings, local blogging, how they meet, and more. It’s a simple chat recorded over Skype last Sunday evening, and contains a little bit of swearing, since I couldn’t find any better words to sum up the Guardian’s Job Centre reporting.

The name comes from an in-joke about the long-gone and not-missed London Metroblogging project from a decade ago – think a watered-down Londonist with its brains scooped out, and you have what it was like. It’s only right that a podcast featuring two chaps waffling on a bit keeps the Metroknobbers flame alive…

Besides the Job Centre, topics discussed include a Lambeth Council election “mistake”, the rude health of local web publishing in south London (see the excellent new Deserter site) and why you, yes you, should do it yourself, council fireworks, the origins of the Charlton Champion and why it’s important not to let your site sit un-updated for weeks. Ahem.

Links to what we’re talking about are over on Onionbagblog. And if south London podcasting’s up your street, I recommend South London Hardcore, which took a trip to the reopened Severndroog Castle last week.

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  1. What’s going on? You, the phantom, Mr Bugle – all unable to blog. How will I get my local news now? It’s a perfect storm

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