Sexist Jim Davidson quip embarrasses Charlton Athletic

The Valley, Charlton v Wolves, 16 September 2014

Charlton Athletic might be flying high in the Championship, but the club paid the price tonight for attempting to rehabilitate controversial entertainer Jim Davidson after he made a sexist remark about the club’s chief executive during a half-time event.

The Kidbrooke-born performer, whose career was boosted by winning Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother in January, was on the pitch during tonight’s match against Wolves to perform an “ice bucket challenge” – being soaked with iced water for charity.

Asked by pitchside announcer Dave Lockwood to nominate people to undertake the challenge next, he picked former player Brian Kinsey, ex-manager Theo Foley, then chief executive Katrien Meire “in a T-shirt”.

Lockwood, who sounded shocked, quickly changed the subject.

Davidson, who is a lifelong Charlton fan, was one of British TV’s best-known faces of the 1980s and 1990s, but remains reviled by many for racist material performed earlier in his career. His television career faded after he was dropped from BBC1’s Generation Game in 2002.

He started making occasional appearances at Charlton events after previous owner Richard Murray sold the club in 2010, and they have continued since current boss Roland Duchatalet bought the side in January.

At 60, he is twice the age of Meire, who speaks three languages and worked for law firms in London and Brussels before joining Duchatalet’s team in 2013.

Davidson’s outburst may also raise eyebrows at Greenwich Council, which contracts Charlton’s community trust to run its youth services.

On the pitch, Charlton have made an encouraging start to the season under Bob Peeters, with fans praising the new head coach’s style of football. The Addicks drew 1-1 with Wolves tonight, leaving them fifth in the table after seven matches.


  1. Oh noes, somebody makes a comment that isn’t authorised, abides by the rules or has been cleared in advance by a well picked scrutiny panel!
    I do believe a piece of the sky actually fell in.

  2. ‘Jesus Christ, are we not even allowed to publicly enjoy sexism any more????’

    Seriously, can anyone break down Jim’s ‘joke’ for me and show me where the humour is, because all I can see here is a man with a mic pointing out that a woman, who doesn’t have a mic, has boobs.

    Like the blog author I hope Jim D is kept off the pitch (at least until he’d had a years worth of counselling for his breast fixation). Unless the iced water was just the start of a series where the contents of the bucket get increasingly dangerous, in which case carry on.

  3. Talk about an over reaction – it was a joke and he os old school. I for one like his foolish non-PC comment as its something I would probably think but never say. Come on Paul, dont tell me you never think anything sexist…just have the sense not to blurt it out?

  4. Attendance last night neared 16,000, and I’ve seen this blog (where all comments but mine are #teamJim) and about 5 tweets that thought his comment was embarressing/wrong/whatever. So we are some way off ‘mountain’ status. How about ‘a molehill is being made out of a previously flat piece of grass?’

    I have no problem with offensive comedy, if it’s thought-provoking or – my favourite type – funny but ‘there’s a woman over there, if someone poured water over her and she was in just a t-shirt we’d see her boobs’ is neither. But it’s over, he said it, there is no great ‘thought police’ rush to hound him out of the Valley as some poeple seem to think.

  5. Keep up the mediocre unfunny material, and one day you too, could be on a talking heads panel discussing former ‘glories’ on Celebrity Big Brother.
    The chalky writing is on the pavement in the rain.
    Some people just don’t really learn much on their journey, and for them it is a pity!

  6. Good to see people rushing to support Jim. What about the woman who is singled out and exposed to ridicule in front of 16,ooo people.

    Sorry Paul C, the only thing that I can’t agree with you about is that Davidson should be hounded out!

  7. ‘a molehill is being made out of a previously flat piece of grass?’

    actually I’d say that a flat piece of grass is being made out of a divot…

  8. It’s not just ‘celebrity’ sexism that you hear at the Valley. The bloke sitting behind me on Tuesday night told me ‘to go home and do the dishes’ when I complained about his constant sexist, homophobic and abusive language.

  9. TH
    Perhaps you should have taken his seat number and lodged an official complaint , then we might get rid of some of these morons

  10. Dave
    Yes, have the seat number and will complain if the abuse continues. He did cheerfully tell me he had a season ticket as if to say this is what you are going to have to listen to all season.

  11. You hear sexist crap at football all the time. I’ve been watching games since the mid 80s and I can’t in all honesty say it’s changed. It’s utterly ingrained in the culture of the game at almost every club I’ve ever been to (and that’s a fair number).

  12. As if the story wasn’t depressing enough, the response from some here and elsewhere that anyone who complains about sexism needs to ‘get out more’ reveals there’s still plenty of caveman in the genes of 21st Century South London man.

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