Help for community groups

The collapse of the local press in SE London means it’s harder for community groups to spread the word. Social media can only do so much, while you could submit a piece to a local newspaper – but it’ll get buried on a tiny bit of its website where nobody sees it.

853 is part-funded by local people and reaches thousands of readers each week – and can help you get your message across.

Our Community Spotlight feature offers you the chance to spread the word about what you’re doing and attract new volunteers.

All we need from you is:

  • 500-700 words about your group, what you do, and what others can do to help
  • At least one large photo (minimum 1600 x 900 pixels) of your group in action (this is really important)
  • Details of how readers can get in touch with your group

Pieces with a long shelf-life are much more interesting than things that will quickly date, so please no plugs for individual events or “vote for us to win this funding”-type pieces, or for things that have already happened (mayors handing over minibuses, that kind of thing).

But if you’re looking for people to join or help you in long-term community projects, then 853 would love to hear from you. Groups in Greenwich or Lewisham boroughs are preferred, although that’s not a hard and fast rule. The editor reserves the right to decline any submission, and to edit to improve readability and fit house style.

Want to submit something? Send your idea to tell853something[at] and we’ll see if it suits. Got any questions or need some help? Email the same address. Together, we can raise the profile of your good cause, and give 853 readers more good stuff to read. Thank you.