Greenwich Council election candidates 2018

Here are the candidates for the Greenwich Council election on 3 May 2018.

There are 51 council seats, three each in 17 wards. Candidates do not pay a deposit, but must be nominated by 10 electors in the ward where they wish to stand. Visit for more details on how this works.

Labour has controlled Greenwich since 1971. There are currently 42 Labour councillors and nine Conservative councillors. Each councillor gets a basic allowance of £10,210 each year, many are paid more for taking on special responsibilities such as chairing committees or sitting on the cabinet.

You can vote for up to three individual candidates. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Ward Labour Party Conservatives Liberal Democrats Green Party Others
Abbey Wood
(3 Lab)
Ann-Marie Cousins
Denise Hyland
Clive Mardner
David Burrowes
Roland Hogg
Janet Martin
Gareth Clayfield
Tom Headon
Bonnie Soanes
Arthur Hayles Bruce Jamieson (Ind)
Craig Jenkins (Ind)
Ronie Johnson (Ind)

(2 Lab, 1 Con)
Leo Fletcher
Mariam Lolavar
Sabiha Shahzad
Geoff Brighty
Malcolm Reid
Thomas Turrell
Usha Badrinath
Suzanne Miller
Franklin Steves
Jannet Mathers
Fiona Moore
Victoria Rance
Trevor Allman (Loony)
(3 Lab)
Gary Dillon
Gary Parker
Linda Perks
Catherine Latham
Macharia Gakuru
Maya Mann
Ian Gerrard
Rebecca Ireland
Charlie Rome
Clare Loops Pamela Ritchie (WEP)
Coldharbour &
New Eltham

(3 Con)
Peter Baker
Cathy Dowse
Ivanhoe Norona
Matt Hartley
John Hills
Roger Tester
Martin Butcher
Paul Gentry
Emma Lewis

Philip Connolly Clifford Adams (BNP)
Peter Whittle (Ukip)
Eltham North
(2 Con, 1 Lab)
Linda Bird
Steve Offord
Caroline Walsh
Charlie Davis
Spencer Drury
Brenda Lobo
Andrew Chamberlain
Mary Green
Michael O’Keefe
Nuala McGreevy Earl Williamson (D&V)
Eltham South
(3 Con)
Tom Atley
Susan Clinton
Pat Slattery
Matt Clare
Nigel Fletcher
Pat Greenwell
Michael Chuter
Michael Lewis
Mark Pattenden
Helen Albrecht
Eltham West
(3 Lab)
Bill Freeman
Mick Hayes
Miranda Williams
Jim Davis
Gemma Turrell
James Worron
Eileen Cox
Matthew Huntbach
Alistair Mills

Matthew Stratford
(3 Lab)
Tonia Ashikodi
Peter Brooks
Adel Khairah
Jonathan Carter
Gillian Lee
Sheila Stirling

Jack Fletcher
Katharine Pons
Richard Smith

Leonie Barron Stewart Christie (PlumP)
Ebru Ogun (PlumP)
Kevin Sweeney (PlumP)
Greenwich West
(3 Lab)
Mehboob Khan
Maureen O’Mara
Aidan Smith
Jessica Goodrum
Gavin Harran
Chris Swift
Anthony Austin
Rhian O’Connor
Edmond Rose
Robin Stott
Dee Thomas
Isobel Whittaker
with Hornfair

(3 Lab)
Norman Adams
Christine Grice
David Stanley
Graham Brinkhurst
Kerry-Marie West
Ralph Spence
David Beaumont
Richard Mbogga
Timothy Snowball
Jan King Barbara Ray (Ukip)
Middle Park
& Sutcliffe
(3 Lab)
Ian Hawking
Mark James
Christine May
Aileen Davis
Kate Drury
James Shipp
Lee Coppack
Patrick Marshall
Chris Smith
Syed Tarek Ray Adams (Ukip)
(3 Lab)
Stephen Brain
Chris Lloyd
Denise Scott-McDonald
Ben Green
Antony Higginbotham
Reece Smith
Richard Chamberlain
Matthew Ferguson
Andrew Smith
Matt Browne
Dan Garrun
Jenny Murphy
(3 Lab)
Angela Cornforth
Rajinder James
Matt Morrow
Patricia Gillard
Andreas Heiner
Felix Parker-Smith
Mark Smith
Dan Wallace
Paul Roberts Mervyn Fernandez (PlumP)
Cheryl Levett (PlumP)
Alison Miller (PlumP)
Ese Adjekughele (Renew)
Shooters Hill
(3 Lab)
Chris Kirby
Sarah Merrill
Danny Thorpe
Steve Adamson
Mo Burgess
David Runham
Heather Heiner
Jane Hermiston
Richard Shiel
Ann Brown Laura Conwell-Tillotson (PlumP)
Stuart Lyons (PlumP)
John Nichols (PlumP)

(3 Lab)
Olu Babatola
Sizwe James
Averil Lekau
Elaine Hayzen
Joe Robertson
John Wainwright
Anthony Durham
Claire Steves
Paul West
Claudine Letsae

(3 Lab)
Anthony Okereke
David Gardner
Ivis Williams
Simon Gallie
Pat Hills
Janet Wainwright
Matthew Glinsman
Matthew Rose
Martin Simons
Keith Crowhurst Ziaur Rahman (Renew)

(3 Lab)
John Fahy
Dominic Mbang
Jackie Smith
Tom Spiller
Tomas Thurogood-Hyde
Chris Van Roon
Keiran Bradley
Andrew Newton
Ramesh Perera-Delcourt
Caolan Byrne
Leonie Fleischmann
Sam Hefferman
Mariusz Piotr (DP)

See the formal statement of persons nominated.
Abbreviations: Ind – Independent, D&V – Democrats & Veterans Party, DP – Duma Polska = Polish Pride, Loony – Official Monster Raving Loony Party, PlumP – Plumstead Party, WEP – Women’s Equality Party

Who won last time?
See 2014’s results.

Read the parties’ manifestoes
Greenwich Labour manifesto 2018
Greenwich Conservatives 2018 manifesto
Greenwich Green Party 2018 manifesto
Plumstead Party manifesto
Abbey Wood Independent Candidates manifesto (Facebook)

Why vote for any of these parties?
‘Why you should vote Labour in Greenwich on 3 May’
‘Why you should vote Plumstead Party on 3 May’
‘Why you should vote Green in Greenwich on 3 May’
‘Why you should vote Conservative in Greenwich on 3 May’
‘Why you should vote Liberal Democrat in Greenwich on 3 May’

What the candidates said at local hustings
A handful of wards had hustings, held by voluntary and residents’ groups.

Blackheath Westcombe: (here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by Westcombe Society on 16 April)
Plumstead: (Here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by Positive Plumstead Project on 23 April)
Peninsula: (here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by East Greenwich Residents Association and Christ Church East Greenwich on 24 April)
Woolwich Common: (Here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by Speak Out Woolwich on 27 April)
Charlton: (Here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by Charlton Society on 28 April)
Woolwich Riverside: (Here’s what happened) (video)
(Organised by Charlton Parkside Community Hub and the Benefice of Charlton on 29 April)

Hustings were planned in Glyndon by the Positive Plumstead Project but were later cancelled. Greenwich Inclusion Project also held hustings, while the Greenwich branch of Citizens UK held an invite-only event with Labour and Conservative representatives – here’s its press release.

What’s happening down the road?
Lewisham mayor and council candidates
Bexley council candidates (election overview)
Bromley council candidates

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