Submit a Viewpoint piece

This website started out as a personal blog. And we still believe there’s a huge value in having a website which provides a platform for people in Greenwich, Lewisham and the rest of south-east London to have their say on the issues which affect all our lives.

So 853 now accepts Viewpoint pieces from anyone with something to say on the area we live in. It’s already touched on a variety of themes – from 20mph zones to plans to recreate 17th century steps in Greenwich Park.

With the death of the legacy local press, 853 is proud to be sparking debate about the issues we should be talking about. And you can help us by submitting a piece.

Ideally, your piece should be 500-700 words, and some photos would be great. And it can deal with any aspect of life in the boroughs of Greenwich or Lewisham (or beyond if it’s really good – drop us a line!). Photos would be great too. We’ll usually open pieces up to comments if we think they can add something.

Interested? Drop us a line at tell853something[at] and outline your idea. We’ll get back to you as quick as we can.