853’s supporters

I’m proud that so many local people and others have helped to fund 853‘s work in reporting on issues that matter in Greenwich and south-east London.

Many are funding just a few pounds per month – it all adds up and I’m very grateful.

I’m particularly grateful to the following people, who have been kind enough to support this website with funding for at least an hour’s worth of work each month, and in some cases more.

Thank you to: David Alexander-Watts, Paul Chapman, Stewart Christie, Neil Clasper, Carling Colfer, Stuart Mayell, Nicole Coates, Deborah Corcoran, Michael Darley, Matt Drewry, Clare Griffiths, Barbara Holland, Ralph Hare, Alan Haughton, Jim Head, Craig Jenkins, Collette Leavy, Alasdair MacPherson, Kathryn Middleton, Nathan Nelson, Hugh Neal, Dave P, Anne Robbins, Tom Royal and Chris Taylor.

To join them, please visit patreon.com/853.

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(List correct at 29 March 2018. I’ve left a handful of names off where it’s possible that being associated with this website could be held against the donor or others associated with them.)